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Neustar provides technology services upon which its carrier and enterprise customers rely to manage a range of technical and operating requirements. Within the United States and Canada, Neustar operates the authoritative directories that manage virtually all telephone area codes and numbers, and enables the routing of calls among thousands of competing Communications Service Providers (CSPs). All telecommunications service providers (TSPs) that offer telecommunications services to the public at large must access the Neustar clearinghouse to properly route virtually all of their customers' calls. Also, Neustar provides clearinghouse services to emerging CSPs, including Internet service providers (ISPs), mobile network operators, cable television operators, and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service providers




RH Brands is the holding company of a number of interactive, entertaining and unique ventures that include but are not limited to: "The Rejection Hotline®", "It Could Always Suck More", "", and "Get Over it Day™".The Company's network of sites, newsletters, and phone lines consistently attract millions of visitors, callers and mobile fans each month. Since 2001, RH Brands properties have entertained large audiences (mostly between the ages of 16-25) and most have been compelled to spread the word to their friends. In aggregate these properties create fertile grounds for advertising to and influencing a coveted young consumer audience. The ability to advertise to this audience (particularly using audio-based and mobile ads) is the core company offering.



Triton Global

Established in 1996, Triton Global Business Services Inc. provides network services, payment, billing, clearing, settlement, customer care and information management functions to the digital merchant and telecommunications industry. Providing global coverage, Triton Billing Solutions provides digital merchants with new and exciting ways to monetize products on their web sites. Additionally, the Company offers the most aggressive return on revenue, coupled with the most reliable network services within this rapidly expanding market sector.