The CVM benefits

  • More powerful than a text message
  • Less intrusive than a phone call
  • Original and innovative
  • Quick and Easy Set Up
  • Enhance customer loyalty through higher responsiveness
  • Protect your users' privacy
  • Works with any phone, anywhere in the world
  • Tailor made messages

Use CVM for all occasions

  • Invite your customers to an event: open house, private sales, auctions...
  • Promotional offer: unpublished rates, clearance, voice coupon codes...
  • Track an order: shipping information, delivery confirmation...
  • Breaking news: sport results, stock quotes, hip hop news...
  • Weather Alerts: hurricanes, blizzards, heat waves...

CVM : Communicate differently

Hosted voice mails today offer a new array of marketing opportunities. On landline or mobile numbers, CVM allows the delivery of a voice message to anyone’s voice mail.

This patented technological innovation constitutes a new way of reaching customers, leveraging the intimacy and immediacy of this communication.

The proximity is the basis of the customer relationship, CVM allows you to enter the "inner circle" of your recipients and build a lasting relationship with them.

Our mission is to support you in these actions with our Call Voicemail offering : CVM Call Voicemail Service®.


CVM : Original and innovative

Broadcast information

CVM Call Voicemail Service® can design and personalize pre-recorded voice messages for your opt in members and clients.